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Patricia R. Alpert

Spending a vacation aboard one of the Celebrity Cruise ships promises to be a luxurious experience considering that they are one of the best high rated ships in the world. They have luxurious suites, spas and world-class restaurants that guarantee a different gastronomical experience. They also offer endless possibilities for fun and excitement wherever you choose to go. However, all these may not come true if you don’t plan and book a trip properly.

The first thing you should consider in booking for a Celebrity Cruise ship vacation is the destination you want to go to. There are over nine destination offered by this shipping line, each offering a distinct experience, climate and adventure. Usually, the destinations offered are Alaska, Australia, Caribbean, Europe, Galapagos, Hawaii, Panama Canal and Transatlantic. If you haven’t been on a cruise before, it will be worth doing a research on each destination to know which one you will suit your tastes.

After choosing a destination, the next thing you will check is which Celebrity cruise ship is scheduled for that destination. There are nine ships on this shipping line and each has a different destination schedule. One way of finding out which ship is bound for your chosen destination is checking their website, their travel agents or your travel agent.

Knowing when and how to book your vacation is also as important as choosing where and on what ship board. If you are comfortable using the online booking, then booking can be done on the website. If not, you can call either their office or a representative nearest your location. Booking with their agents also offer some advantages as booking anywhere else as they are usually more updated and knowledgeable.

Aside for booking the trip, you may also want to consider booking shore and land excursions. This ship line offers a variety of escorted tours such as those to the Easter Island on Chile, Outback Australia, cathedrals in Europe and the Mediterranean, and Canadian Rockies. It will be best to check what tours are available for your chosen ship. And if you decide to go on one, be sure to book four days before your scheduled sailing for online booking. Otherwise, you will have to book aboard the ship.

Lastly, know any policies that the ship may have prior to sailing day or booking to avoid surprises. For instance, you may want to check smoking policies. Usually, a no smoking policy is imposed inside land transportation during land tours. There are also designated areas for smoking on the ship and smoking anywhere else is prohibited.

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