Accra Festivals and Events Popular Among Travelers and Tourists

There are so many things to watch and perform while you are on a trip to any worldly popular destination and Accra is one of them. Being the capital city there are lots of international visitors and tourists throughout the year and traveling to several tourist’s hotspots after observing a quality international travel through some renowned, direct and cheap flights to Accra. Likewise other countries Ghana has also some unique festivals and local events which are popular not only among the local Ghanaian people but also among the foreign visitors.

Some of the famous events and popular festivals of this region includes the following and Accra being the capital city also reflects the same passion towards all these festivals and popular events. Some of theses famous events for which so many direct flights to accra are required include the following:

Homowo Festival in Accra
This is one of the colorful festivals celebrated in a joyous fashion that characterizes to the gods and his ancestors for the spiritual protection in which traditional drumming, dancing and so many recreational activities take place.

There are so many annual festivals in the Ghanaian region and this festival is one of them which commemorate the victories of national warriors in daring battles and prayers are being made for those who fell on the battlefield. All such festivals and events are enormously popular among the travelers and visitors who celebrate these events with the natives and enjoy their Accra flights and an enchanted and glorious stay in this region.

This festival is also one of the annual festivals whose sole purpose is to facilitate the harvest as it falls during the harvesting season. When this festival is celebrated, the general public is given permission to fish near the Sakumo lagoon and is a major source of enjoyment and recreation. Thus if you are a traveler first time to this capital city or any of the famous destinations of Ghana, undoubtedly you will enjoy your cheap Accra flights.

This festival is celebrated in October in order to thank the gods about the national harvesting season and is very popular among the local and the international travelers and tourists.

Independence Day – 6th March
If you are in Accra on 6th March you will find real colorful and unforgettable moments which are celebrated in an absolutely fabulous manner as this is the independence day of Ghana.

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