The First Generation of Regional Jets

Despite what constituted the regional jet revolution during the 1990s with low-capacity, twin-engine designs from Canadair, Embraer, and Dornier, the concept had its origins some two and a half decades earlier in France, Russia, and Germany with aircraft of various configurations and success. Yakovlev Yak-40: Although both need and technology […]

A History of Vickers VC10 Aircraft Accidents

As one of four long-range, quad-engine, first-generation jetliners, along with the Boeing 707, the McDonnell-Douglas DC-8, and the Ilyushin Il-62, the Vickers VC10 was one of only two to feature uninterrupted wings, aft-mounted Rolls Royce Conway turbofans, and a t-tail to maximize its short-field, high-lift performance. Although it was praised […]