Mystical Himalayas and Dazzling Sunrise in Nepal

Nepal “The Country Of Mount Everest”, this should be enough to represent the country to anyone. Most of the travelers visit Nepal to see this highest monument in the earth. Some want to reach to its basecamp and see the nature’s glory. Not only Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp the other best trekking trails in the world offer rather more panoramic views to the travelers. Those Himalayas must be a lure, but what supplements to the beauty is the dazzling sunrise view over the Himalaya.

As the sun rises over the horizon and touches the peaks of these highest monuments of the earth for a moment it seems like the sun rays painting, canvas over the Himalayas, The Himalayas color changes with the position of the sun. This is what makes the Himalayas more enchanting to the travelers.

For those who are not able to trek for days to reach the basecamp, there are places such as a Nagarkot hill village. Just 35 km from the Kathmandu is a stunning place for magnificent sunrise views and the closer views of the Himalayas. Travelers stay overnight in Nagarkot to glimpse the early morning sunrise. When you wake up early in the morning, open the curtains and see the Himalayas changing colors, wow this is a sight to behold. In a clear weather, you will see the whole Himalayan range including Mount Everest in the east. The Himalayas may be far, but the spectacular sunrises and the landscape views make it one of the best destinations for the Himalayas lovers.

Drive 205 kms from Kathmandu, through a scenic mountainous highway you will reach a pristine town of Pokhara. Pokhara is often referred as ” The City of Lakes and mountains ” due to its pristine lakes and a close proximity to the mountains. From Pokhara, it seems Mount Fishtail rises from the valley floor towards the heavens. This very attraction has made Pokhara a famous tourist destination for travelers who come to visit Nepal. Do not miss the early morning sunrise excursion to Sarangkot for a closer view of mountains and yes, the theme is the sunrise view (however weather permitting). Pokhara valley which is a bowl-shaped carved between the mountains has plenty of spots for vies if the Himalayas. Hike to World Peace Stupa and rest for a while, your eyes glance far north toward the Himalayas and the pristine Fewa Lake below. Anywhere you are in Pokhara you will never miss the view of the mighty Himalayas (unless the weather is very bad). Pokhara is a paradise for nature and Himalaya enthusiasts.

Located approx 80 kms southwest of Kathmandu is another charming Town of Daman. For those who are seeking the ultimate panoramic view of the Himalaya range, Daman is the place to visit. From here, travelers will have an unimpeded view of the Himalayan range. The sunrise view from this place is just unimaginable.

The northern section of Nepal is still a Shangri- La, due to its inaccessibility, there are ways to reach into these places, these are the places where nature talks to themselves, totally virgin and yet not explored till now these are the places you should look forward to visiting if you wish to have a dramatic view of the Himalayas and dazzling sunrise views.

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