How Canada immigration consultants in UAE have helped in increasing the immigration of UAE residents to Canada  

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Canada is a beautiful destination for habitants of the UAE because the financial possibilities provide several sectors involving knowledge and communication development, medicine and other latest science fields. Canada immigration consultants in UAE help the people in immigration process from the following steps  

Options for immigration to Canada 

Federal class 

The highly effective group in the economical class is the federal program, which is a good option. It grants the applicants with work experience and no link to Canada or any job offer to apply for the PR as well as command in all abilities like reading, listening, speaking and writing. 

You allow for the Federal skilled program if you: 

  • Upload your profile on the website of IRCC-Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada 
  • After uploading the Applicants from the United Arab Emirate get the Comprehensive ranking system score depending on the factors like professional education, age, work experience as official language ability. 
  • Every 2 weeks, IRCC sends the alerts to apply for the PR to the greater scoring applicants. IRCC sets the six month process under the express entry. 

Provincial Class 

If you have a particular proficiency, the provincial class could be looking for you. 

When you do not fit into the federal economic class, the further step is to consider the provincial streams for your application for permanent residency from the United Arab Emirate.  

Immigration candidates from the United Arab Emirates are able to apply to migrate to Canada through PNP given they meet the criteria. When they enter the pool of express entry and are invited to apply for the nomination by the province that will choose the applicants from the pool of federal.  

Temporary residential transformed into permanent residential  

Immigrants come to Canada for temporary work permits and transform into permanent habitats. 

The beautiful and economical country of Canada accepts temporary employers in various fields during the pandemic 2020. 

This technique is the famous route for those not qualifying for permanent residency from the United Arab Emirates.  

Permit of work published by the program of temporary foreign employers, program of foreign mobility and program related international experience in Canada.  

Family Immigration 

Applicants in the United Arab Emirates with family members who are permanent habitats or citizens can easily apply for sponsorship immigration.  

Which relatives can be advocated for immigration to Canada from the United Arab Emirates? 

  • Husband  
  • Common-Law partner 
  • Matrimonial partner 
  • Subordinate kids  
  • Family members, for instance, parents  
  • Grand  parents  
  • Family members like brothers, sisters, Nephews, Nieces, grandsons, and granddaughters below the age of 18 and not married  
  • Other relatives, according to specific conditions  
  • Accompanying all the above like spouse, partner and dependent children

How do consultants help immigrants? 

  • Aware the client with the latest information about laws, policies and regulations. 
  • Prepare all the documents when a client chooses the category 
  • Give guidance on the Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee program  
  • Give suggestions on the Canadian job market 
  • A session for providing the interviews  

The expert consultants have made the immigration process easy and simple, giving several suggestions to residents of UAE, leading to more individuals selecting the migration to Canada.  Click Here to know how we as ICCRC-registered consultants can navigate the immigration journey to Canada for you.

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