For Travelers – A Little Bit Of Guam Lifestyle

If you enjoy eating, scuba diving and relaxing the island of Guam is for you. The people from Guam are notoriously famous for their Fiestas. Especially when it comes to Wednesday evenings at the Chamorro village of Agana. While you enjoy the local cuisine you can watch the dancing spectacles, whether the Salsa or traditional Chamorro. The barbecued chicken, finadene, kelaguen, and red rice are the staple foods of the island and although they’re not the healthiest food to eat they are most definitely delicious. Anybody and everybody is invited. Fresh seafood is in abundance from the assortment of restaurants to choose.

Adding on to the fiestas, Guam travel has option like skydiving, para sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, shell collecting, deep sea fishing, hiking to waterfalls, beach combing or just enjoying the beautiful sunsets of Tumon Bay where the colors of the sky radiate colors from an exotic painting.

If you’re new on the island you will need transportation to attend all these different activities. Public transportation is available however it really is unreliable. Taxi service is also available however it is quite expensive for a short ride. Although Guam is only approximately 200 square miles bicycling is somewhat dangerous due to the lack of curbs on the roads and the general local drivers are a little uncaring.

The best option really is to rent a car that will get you to where you want to go with safety and efficiency. The Guam car rental industry is quite competitive so you can get pretty good rates although they are a little higher than the US. Maybe about an average of $42/day depending on the quality of the car rental company.

The rules of the road are generally the same as US mainland laws as the island of Guam is an unincorporated Territory of the USA. However local drivers tend to drive through yellow lights (even red lights) so beware at the intersections. The highest legal speed limit in Guam is 45 mph although the general traffic drives about 5-10 mph faster. The police although relaxed generally demand respect if a situation begins to get out of hand.

Also be aware of the roads that are a light grey color (not asphalt). These roads were constructed with corral reef is part of the concrete mixture and so get quite slippery when it rains, almost ice like. If someone speeds sometimes local drivers follow the speeder and tell them to slow or just give them bad looks. Generally speaking though driving on Guam is a pleasant experience and not much different then the US. So as you traverse the island remember to be safe, respect the local people’s land and enjoy the beauty of a tropical paradise.

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