What is Lisbon famous for?

Have you ever wondered what is Lisbon famous for? In this case, the question is not very easy to answer at all. Most of the people that have been to Lisbon say that is one of their favorite cities in the whole of Europe. They definitely have the right to say it! You can have the best trip of your life there. Therefore, defining what is Lisbon known for, is not very eaaaasy. There are too many things that make this city well-known all over the world. Anyway, below you will find all the things Lisbon is famous for and why it is worth of visiting.

Lisbon famous landmarks and places

Portugal is one of the countries in the world full of history. Portugal’s capital – Lisbon has many monuments and buildings to remember. If you aren’t into historic places, don’t worry because there are many kinds of places to visit for everyone. The city is divided into different districts or neighborhoods. Each one of them has different things to see and do, but the places you must visit are definitely Alfama and Bairro Alto. Anyway, everything is very accessible and not very far, so you can make it to all the cool places in the city.

Lisbon famous trams


If we are going to make a list of what is Lisbon known for, and we forget to mention the famous trams of Lisbon, then we would know nothing about the city – really, nothing! In every street in Lisbon, you will find these famous trams. The most famous one is number 28. The ride of tram 28 is amazing and you get to see some of the most popular neighborhoods, even though is crowded almost all the time, you should experience it. That said, if there is one thing we love about the trams – is the photos you can take of them!

Beaches near Lisbon


Although the beaches in Lisbon aren’t that famous, they are a part of the city! Many people don’t know they exist, but if you decide to visit Lisbon, you should bear in mind, going to the beach is also an available option! Therefore, if you are planning to stay longer in Portugal´s capital is a great choice if you also want to have some beachy days!

Some of the beaches are near Lisbon! The best beach in Lisbon, even though is a little and a bit further away is Fonte da Telha!

What food is Lisbon known for?

Food is also a reason why Lisbon is popular, like any other Portuguese destination! After all, who doesn’t love good food? You all probably have heard about the famous Lisbon dessert, Pasties de Belem, right? This cake is very delicious and you can find it in every corner. We cannot blame anyone for eating them without control haha! Other than Pasteis de Belem, you should also try the Lisbon Bacalhau, Cozido a Portuguesa, Chicken Piri-Piri.

Lisbon famous buildings


Another thing Lisbon is also well known for is its great architecture. The colorful houses of the old town are just impressive. The Lisbon famous landmarks, Belem Tower or the Cathedral of Lisbon are something you should definitely pay attention to. Walking through the charming and narrow streets – is one of the things you must do when visiting Lisbon! It symbolizes all the Lisbon authentic vibes!

Famous Lisbon Sunsets and Sunrises


Another of the things we should never forget about Lisbon is how beautiful sunsets and sunrises are – they can cure all bad moods. If you have been to Portugal before, you will probably know this and if you don’t, you should! If you are visiting the city, you should try to visit at least one of the viewpoints of Lisbon. They are just perfect to enjoy sunset time. Some of the best views are Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte and Miradouro da Graça.

Lisbon Nightlife


The city is full of must-see sights such as the Belém Tower and the São Jorge Castle. The Portuguese capital is famous for its lively nightlife with its old fashioned wine bars, Fado Houses, discos, and banging nightclubs. The best Lisbon party areas are Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré, even though the nightlife action can take place all over central Lisbon.  And when we say, it’s not an overstatement to say that stag dos in Lisbon truly do have it all – we have every right to do so.

Combining soothing bar crawls with adrenaline-rushing activities and some fairly world-class seasides, Lisbon parties are in a league of their own.

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