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There are many beautiful attractions in Singapore, so much to see and do. Visiting Singapore comes with diverse side glamours that satisfy your curiosity. There are many impressive places to explore, diners to enjoy native meals and wildlife conservations across the country.

There are many beautiful attractions in Singapore, so much to see and do. Visiting Singapore comes with diverse side glamours that satisfy your curiosity. There are many impressive places to explore, diners to enjoy native meals and wildlife conservations across the country.

Also, the amazing thing is that you can tour the entire country within a short time because it is a small nation with even refined modes of transportation. Moreover, communication is not an issue despite being a blend of four cultures. English language is the official in Singapore.

Check out the list of the top tourist attractions in Singapore;

tourist attractions in singapore

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is an exhibition of colourful lawns on surfaces and dangling on walls. The gardens display plants that are grounded in history, technology and cultural displays and are beautiful to behold. Gardens by the bay is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Singapore.

A fascinating selection of blooming flowers of all kinds and green trees have been structured along with architectural layouts to present Garden by the bay as a tourist attraction.

Gardens by the Bay

You can find the shaded rails of cloud forest enchanting, with lighting, tall trees and a walkway as well as a floral dome, floral fantasy and supertree with natural life and ambience.

Gardens by the bay which is along 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore gives you access to grab your tickets and have an intriguing moment with family and friends. Plus, there are summer activities ongoing at the destination which are directed at the conservation of nature and tourism.

To further create memories, you can take pictures in the flower garden, take a walk around the scenery in awe and learn about the ideations behind the garden project.

Universal Studios, Singapore

As a movie lover, you should be familiar with Universal Studios, the producers of award-winning films. It is situated at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore and is just one spot out of the other Universal studios that exist in the world.

The destination is a dramatic modification to regular tourist interests in Singapore because it extends beyond reserves and regular adventures. The Universal Studios provides entertainment pleasure from movie shows, concerts, water rides, roller coaster rides, buildings and sculptures erected with popular movie outlines and castles.

The film house is open everyday for visitors and residents to be entertained. Hence entrance tickets are available to enjoy recreational activities at the studios. This means that you can watch live performances, film shows and tours of the entire movie world at Universal Studios.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay is an incredible luxury hotel in Singapore with all-inclusive features that cover relaxation, meals and entertainment. The resort in Bayfront Subzone, Downtown Core, Singapore was designed in similarity to major expensive destinations in Central America. This is because Singapore has proved to be one very stylish and rich nation with diverse cultures.

Marina bay covers tourism as well as an indulgence with the stunning edifice on water that also displays artistic innovations and scientific discoveries. Visitors can do a lot here which even covers shopping at a trendy boutique and mall with fashion accessories from top brands.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Also, you have access to the spacious pool at the resort which is approximately 490ft. Other interests at Marina Bay are; Sands SkyPark, The Shoppes, The Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Bay Floral, Marina Bay Club, Marina Bay Sands Art Path, Art Science, Museum and Wonder Full.

Besides, Marina bay has world-standard restaurants where signature Singapore meals and Western dishes are made by professional chefs. The hotel also gives you amazing views of the surrounding area from balconies. You can tour the museum, the theatre and conference centres.

Moreover, since the building comprises three towers, there are exciting things you can do within the hotel. From museum tours to ice skating, glimpses of sparkling lights, shopping and dining.

Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World is the best way that Singapore displays its adventurous pieces and events. The resort world covers your tourism interests depending on your duration of stay in the country.

First, resort world provides you with lodges in five-star hotels in Singapore, discoveries from reserves and underwater creatures and also amenities. Then, resorts world also fills in your dining needs with selections of delicious dishes at the international restaurant.

The accommodation alternative is particularly fascinating and you will find your choice no matter what you desire- luxury, privacy or adventure. Accordingly, Resorts world helps you schedule your travel with top places to visit and must-see attractions all around Sentosa, Singapore.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site that spans centuries of existence, Singapore Botanic Gardens is a forest of green trees and well-pruned lawns. The gardens at 1, Cluny Road, Singapore have lakes and ponds with protected aquatic life- plants and animals. It has become one of most beautiful tourist attractions in Singapore.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Captivating interests you can discover at the gardens are not just limited to plant species. It has waterfalls, rainforests, gardens of cross orchids, children’s gardens, buildings with diverse plants named after distinguished icons and many more.

In addition, the botanic gardens have a natural orchid garden with a walkway similar to a fairy tale setup, lush green lawns on floor surfaces, rails and tall trees. Thus, you can have a romantic getaway here while you take a walk, have a picnic with family and capture the moments as well when you visit Singapore.

Also at Singapore Botanic Gardens, there is a garden library where symposiums on nature and the ecosystem take place, with directions to preserve the earth.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore is a striking combination of rainforest and wildlife habitat. The zoo was built in 1973 and designed to conserve certain species of animals, birds and also aquatic life. The Singpore zoo has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in Singapore.

Singapore Zoo

Moreover, Singapore Zoo boasts of over ten thousand wild animals such as zebras, cheetah, lions, rhinoceros, birds-stork, ostrich and a diversity of cats, reptiles, amphibians and rainforest dwellers.

Attractions at the zoo include a reserve of species at the treetops trail, orangutan island, reptile gardens, wild Africa, Europe rift valley as well a forest zone for children.

Hence, children can have a fun time with pets like rabbits and feed them too! You will find diverse elephant species and world gigantic animals that dominate Singapore zoo, such as chimpanzees, elephants, tigers and so on.

A view of Singapore’s wildlife and territories is brought to existence at the zoo which is family-friendly and educative as well as adventurous.

Merlion Park

Merlion Park is a symbolic exhibition of Singapore’s history, culture and traditions. It is located at 1 Fullerton Road, Singapore. You will be amazed to see two sculptures of white symbolic pieces which are half lion and half fish and has water gushing from its mouth.

Merlion park is a major tourist attraction in Singapore near the business hub of the nation and it serves as the origin of the country. The park is open throughout the day, so you have enough time to sightsee throughout your stay in Singapore.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is an array of the exquisite and extravagant lifestyles of Singapore. The arena is great for wealthy splendours, adventures under the twinkling stars and inclusive traditions of Singapore.

Clarke Quay

Common attractions for tourists in Clarke Quay are restaurants, shopping malls, ancient civilization museums, parks and enchanting restaurants on the coasts. Also, Clarke Quay which is a show of glitz and glamour has a breathtaking Bungy ride that shoots you into space literally in a couple of minutes.

The arena addresses all your tourism needs from adventure to history, dining, games, fun and activities and even shopping in abundance. You should not miss out on the Clarke Quay region whenever you visit Singapore because there are over twenty interests you can explore.

Jewel Changi Airport

Another most visited area in Singapore is the Jewel Changi Airport which invites almost half a million people into the future, amenities and wonders of Singapore.

The airport has green areas with lawns, and mini jungles as well as interior designs that place grasslands and other stunning views in high buildings. Jewel Changi has an exotic shopping arcade and 300 dining areas where pastries and meals are served as well as malls where branded gifts, gadgets, items and accessories from Pokemon, Apple, Nike, Zara, Mark and Spencer and many more with Singapore crafts are sold.

Jewel Changi has wonderful architecture with overhead wide-spaced roofs and aircraft stationed at the airports with access for travellers to check in and out. Also, lodging facilities are available at the large airport with tourist attractions.

You can go on a nature adventure of the Shiseido Forest Valley-a collection of shrubs and trees, Rain Vortex which is an indoor waterfall shrouded by trees with inbuilt technology and the Canopy Park and Bridge with flowering plant species, butterfly and sunflower gardens.

Jewel Changi is a treasure existing in the rich landscape of Singapore that you need to see and explore too.

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

Esplanade Theatres on Bay in Singapore is a movie journey for tourists who love films, artworks, dramatic performances and stage events. The theatres are situated amidst seas and it is four floors building on 8, Raffles Avenue, Singapore.

Also, the theatre has two halls for concerts and events which can accommodate up to 2000 guests. Interestingly, the Theatres on the bay would be celebrating two decades of existence in 2022 with traditional events, movie shows and exhibitions.

Besides, the theatre has an outdoor space where you can further view the sight and watch live outdoor performances, an art library, a shop and a restaurant. The design of the Esplanade theatres in Singapore is dramatic and made with caution to preserve the interior of the studios, event centres and recording rooms.

Jurong Bird Park

Located on Jurong Hill Singapore, Jurong bird park is a sanctuary for bird species that lovers of colourful winged creatures must see. The park has been in existence for fifty years and attracts over a hundred thousand tourists per week with diverse interactions with birds taking place there.

Jurong Bird Park is usually open from Thursdays to Sundays and closes by 6 pm, therefore you need to purchase a ticket to tour the park. The Jurong park however has found a permanent home for penguins, flamingos, peacocks, pelicans and so on.

Pictures are the memorable highlights of a tour, accordingly, you can go on an adventure while you take quality pictures and also discover adaptive behaviours of bird species. Jurong park is an award-winning tourist attraction featured in excellent tourism services delivery and conservation, also the park organizes bird shows.

These bird shows are targeted at showcasing the creatures and their abilities, adaptation and flying techniques.

National Museum of Singapore

Situated at 93 Stamford Road, Singapore is the oldest historical building in Singapore that guarantees an update on the history, and civilization development of the nation.

The museum holds important links to the ancient world of Singapore’s technology, arts, lifestyle and recent upgrades. Next, the National Museum of Singapore is open from 10 am to 7 pm every day and has historical events continuously ongoing at the location.

Furthermore, there is a need for you to purchase tickets for entry into the facility which also has commercial stores, restaurants and library collections.

Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning has had a long and interesting history, the fort was constructed in 1859 to protect Singapore from invasions. It is situated at 51 Canning Rise, Singapore and is centuries old.

The recent layout is used for contemporary performing arts ensembles and picnics, concerts, theatre productions, and festivals are frequently held in the park.

Other attractions at the park include artefacts from Singapore’s early past dating as far back as the 14th century. Sir Stamford Raffles’ private home, botanic gardens, Al Farquhar, Armenian Street Park and other ornamental gardens. You can also visit a reproduction of the spice market built in 1822 as well as see sculptures and gardens named after distinguished persons in Singapore.

The lawns at Fort Canning are beyond what you can tour in a day and it always blends culture and adventure to satisfy curiosity.

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