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Silene Vega Delgado and her husband Kjeld Schigt, owners and managers of a 6.4-acre private unique surfing resort named Kalon Surf, specialize in sustainable tourism (or eco-tourism) and cater to surfing enthusiasts and other adventurous travelers regardless of surfing experience. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the ever-increasing demands and inquiries not only have inundated Silene and Kjeld, but have also validated the market for sustainable tourism. As a result, the couple has worked tirelessly to fulfill booking accommodations at their all-inclusive resort on the Dominical, Osa Peninsula region on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. 

The popularity of the privately-owned resort has led to the offerings like 7-night, all-inclusive vacation packages for resort stays that minimize their impact on the Costa Rican environment while providing eco-tourists with luxurious amenities that they demand and can expect: green lodging, airport transportation, no-cost surfboard equipment, organic farm-to-table meals, world-class surfing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), scuba diving, horseback riding, and so much more. Silene and Kjeld achieve their eco-friendly goals in three phases.

Kalon Surf Relects Inner Beauty

The first phase focuses on the Herculean efforts of Silene and Kjeld to meet the goals set by the sustainable tourism industry. Each day, the couple must address the many economic, environmental, and social challenges and difficulties that their resort faces today and will encounter in the future. For example, when resort guests first check-in, they have immediate access to all the eco-friendly amenities offered by Kalon surf camp Costa Rica. Kalon comes from the Greek word kalon, meaning “inner beauty.” At Kalon Surf, guests can catch waves suited to their surfing ability. Aligned with their eco-tourism beliefs, Silene and Kjeld provide all their guests a green community, situated in a sustainable community in a country committed to fostering positive environmental solutions. Moreover, environmentally conscious guests can alleviate their stress and anxiety while minimizing their impact on the Costa Rican resort’s environment.

Silene and Kjeld’s are Ccommited to Eco-Tourism

The second phase focuses on unleashing the collective power of advertising and marketing to tout the natural environment of eco-centric Kalon Surf. In this pristine resort, tourists and locals meet to enjoy all that nature offers. For instance, eco-minded guests at Kalon Surf can participate in various activities: hiking, surfing lessons, kayaking, snorkeling, yoga classes, surfing, and beach volleyball on a white sand beach while making less impact on the environment due to Silene and Kjeld’s commitment to sustainable tourism. And, they can enjoy all the comforts of home like WiFi, flat-screen TVs, and private villas and luxury suites with balconies overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

Located on the best surfing beach in Costa Rica, Kalon Surf allows its guests access to the perfect waves for beginners and experienced surfers. In addition, guests can learn how to surf at the all-inclusive resort, relax by the infinity pool with a cocktail in hand, or attend live music events throughout the year. Kalon Surf’s attentive and courteous staff will take care of everything so that its guests can focus on having fun while making less impact on the environment.

Kalon Surf Epitomizes an Unforgettable Experience

The last phase focuses on abreast of the many solutions to ensuring principled eco-tourism. That is why, Silene and Kjeld’s eco-guests enjoy nearby lush rainforests, white-sand beaches, and crystal clear waters. Kalon Surf is truly an escape from the stresses back at home that will leave each eco-tourist feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. During a stay at Kalon Surf, all resort guests will have access to eco-friendly products: Firewire surfboards, Outerknown clothing, Watermans suncare products, etc. Many nearby attractions reflect the commitemnt to eco-tourism like Costa Rica Dive and Surf, Los Quetzales National Park, Parque Nacional Los Quetzales, Tortuga Beach, Uvita Beach, and much more. 

Citizens worldwide bear responsibility for their activities, and therefore all of us are held accountable for our actions. Because of this, it is critical to fully comprehend how significant the environment is to the humans who live on Earth. As a precautionary measure, Silene and Kjeld have implemented safety measures backed by sound environmentalism. Furthermore, the staff has worked hard behind the scenes to ensure future generations will enjoy the waves Silene and Kjeld’s eco-guests surf at Kalon Surf today.

Silene and Kjeld’s luxury resort is the premier surfing destination of the many eco-tourists who associate Kalon Surf with one of the best resorts in sustainable tourism and the ultimate getaway in Costa Rica. Therefore, after resorts guests arrive at the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, they will soon know why Kalon Surf exemplifies the ultimate Costa Rican getaway soundly based on principled sustainable travel. There are so many reasons why eco-tourists enjoy staying at the Kalon Surf all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica. But, without a doubt, if one had to choose one reason, that reason would be the knowledge that they will always discover something new every time they visit.

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