Explore the Exotic Villages of Kerala

Kerala is a divine land build up on the mesmerizing bounties and boons of nature. It is blessed with nature’s best creations and best destinations which showcases its beauty and charismatic charm. Kerala has an incredible lifestyle with amazing attractions. The range of attractions goes from natural to historic destinations. It primarily is a natural paradise embellished with architectural wonders. Travelers from all over the world come to this land of nature to explore its untouched natural bounty, pristine beaches, grand temples and many more related attractions. However, there is something more to it – the village life. The rural side of Kerala is something which is not explored by many. This incredible aspect of Kerala is the most intriguing and fascinating among all the attractions.

Kerala village tours will surely bestow you the best of ways to explore through this enchanting state during your vacations. These specialized tour packages will let you experience Kerala in its bursting rural glory leaving you with an unforgettable and delightful experience. It touches the traveler’s soul in the most charming way. It is far from the urban sophistication and industrialization of the world which makes it unique and all the more alluring. It is utterly untouched by the worldly pleasures and luxuries of life. Travelers will surely fall for the untouched essence of nature that the state boasts about. Unlike the hustle bustle of the cities, tranquility and divine peace prevails this territory of Kerala. To experience the best of village life and sheer ethnicity of Kerala, do include the below villages in your itinerary:

Kumarakom is among the top list of travelers who seeks to explore the rural ethnicity of the state. It is formed by a fascinating cluster of little islands in Kottayam district. It is the best village for tourism in Kerala. Travelers like to explore the soothing and azure Vembanad Lake and its rural vicinity. Fish species like the Karimeen (pearl spot), Chemmeen (shrimp) and prawns are often seen in the lake. Rural water activities are the best choice to indulge in.

Kovalam is more of a beach destination whose beaches are utterly pristine in nature. The coastal village life that surrounds the beach doubles up the charm of the place. Travelers should indulge in the daily activities of the locals like coir manufacturing, coconut leaf weaving, fish markets etc.

Wayanad is a prominent village that stands at the southern tip of the glorious Deccan plateau. Apart from the rural essence, it is more of a bio-diverse that stretches itself about 2,132 sq kms over the Western Ghats. The best part of the village is the ancient tribes that the woods inhabit. These tribes are unravished by civilization. The sub-tropical savannahs, charming hill stations, aromatic spice plantations, flourishing forests and rich cultural traditions are other alluring aspects of the village.

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