Hard Standing Camping Pitches Vs Grass Pitches

When looking for camping sites and pitches there are things that some novice campers might not consider. Do you know the difference between a hard standing camping pitch and the more traditional grass pitch?

Traditionally camp sites offer an allocated area of grass for customers to park their caravan or motor home on. As you can imagine through wear and tear and from bad weather, these pitches can end up looking unsightly and sometimes get waterlogged if there has been heavy rain.

In recent times many campsites, caravan parks and holiday parks have invested in a different type of pitch space, hard standing pitches. As the name suggests, these pitches are a lot more hard wearing and offer a solid surface for campers to park their vehicles on compared to the soft surface a grass pitch provides. Hard standing camping pitches can be made from various materials but are often made from gravel or reinforced grids with materials on that still look like grass.

There are other benefits to hard pitches other than them being durable and the water being able to drain away, many hard standing pitches will also offer things like TV Ariel sockets and electric sockets, so you can set up your campervan with luxury comforts.

Opinions from campers seem to vary from people who still like the look of a traditional grass pitch to those who have tried hard standing pitches. Something tells me that one day of bad weather on a grass pitch and children walking muddy feet into the camper van will soon make them rethink not choosing a hard standing pitch.

Everyone wants the weather to be perfect on their summer camping holiday, but as we all know, the British weather can be very temperamental. Hard pitches offer one less thing to worry about if it does start to rain cats and dogs. So next time you are searching for a campsite or holiday park for your summer camping holiday, why not look out for one that has invested in hard standing pitches?

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